Emcure was formed in 1981 out of the vision to create a healthcare company that would address the healthcare needs of the vast population of India. Emcure is based out of Pune, in Maharashtra, the knowledge centre of India and a hub of education as well as manufacturing.

What began with a single manufacturing facility at Pune, has today rapidly grown into a set of world class manufacturing facilities and one of the top Indian pharmaceutical corporates in the domestic industry.

Growth at Emcure has been intrinsic with value being added at each stage. The successes that Emcure has seen over the past couple of decades rests on three key skills: research, manufacturing and marketing, skills that have been built and internalized into Emcure's highly dedicated team.

Today Emcure is on the path of emerging as an integrated pharmaceutical Indian major.

Emcure is one of the largest contract manufacturers in the Indian pharmaceutical sector and manufactures formulations for some of the largest multinational corporates in India.

Emcure researches, manufactures and markets formulations under its own brands in the domestic market and also exports its formulations to South Asia, Africa, CIS and the Middle East.

Emcure is building its pipeline of Chiral and conventional APIs and is emerging as a strong player in the biotechnology front.